Becoming A Trainee

Becoming a trainee can be a fun and rewarding opportunity to see the Canadian prairies. We know you are excited about this potential experience, but please make sure you meet the requirements before contacting us.

Requirements for participation in the agricultural exchange program with Canadian Host Family Association:
1. Resumé (view details here)
2. Drivers’ license
3. Two references from farms where you have obtained experience. The references must be on farm letterhead and include contact information.
4. Valid passport
5. Agricultural experience
6. Medical release for
7. Police certificate from your home country.

Expenses to Complete Requirements:
1. Police certificate from your home country (will be requested by Citizenship and Immigration Canada)
Please Note: If you have lived in the United States of America for 6 months or more you will need an FBI check.
If  you have lived elsewhere for more than 6 months after age 18 you will also be required to submit a police check from each of these countries.
2. Medical exam by a doctor if requested by Citizenship and Immigration Canada.
3. Must have a bank account and show proof of $2500 Canadian in the account. (required by Citizenship and Immigration Canada)

Expenses After You Have Been Accepted by the CHFA:
4. Payment to Citizenship and Immigration Canada of $150 CAD for your permit application.
5. Flights to and from Canada. (required by Citizenship and Immigration Canada)
6. Medical insurance for the duration of your stay. (required by Citizenship and Immigration Canada)

Do you meet the requirements above?

If so, read through the form below and if you feel that you would be a valid applicant for the CHFA program, fill out the form:

Download the Media Release Form here