The Canadian Host Family Association encourages and assists young Canadians wishing to travel abroad to gain international agricultural experience and provides international exchange opportunities for young foreign farmers who wish to gain agricultural experience in Canada.

The Canadian Host Family Association is a non-profit, volunteer based organization.  Our purpose is to promote international rural work exchange for both Canadians and international incoming trainees as well as interview prospective host families who wish to become members of our organization.

The Canadian Host Family Association has been in existence since 1965 when 160 young Scandinavians travelled to Canada to see and experience Western Canadian Agriculture.  The first Canadian host families were in Alberta and Saskatchewan.  In 1966 the first Canadians travelled overseas to receive an international experience in agriculture. Presently the Canadian Host Family Association has members in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario.  Each Province has its own board and association.

Canadian Host Family Association creates travel and work opportunities for Canadian and international youth to receive training and guidance in areas of agriculture, agri-mix, enology, equine, horticulture and turf management which aligns itself with IEC. Placements will be on approved family farms. The participants will be enriched educationally and culturally.

This is a learning experience for both the trainee and host in agriculture.

CHFA Membership

  • Membership is open to farm families and others who share in the philosophy, aims and objectives of the C.H.F.A. Membership is necessary for those wishing to host C.H.F.A. trainees.
  • To apply for membership in C.H.F.A. a Host Family application form please contact your provincial chair person.  You will find their contact information on our website.
  • Once the initial application has been completed,  the C.H.F.A. provincial chair will arrange an interview.  There may be a fee for this service.
  • In order to become a Host Family and maintain membership with the C.H.F.A., a prospective Host Family is required to be a member in good standing with the Worker’s Compensation Board as part of the C.H.F.A. application process.
  • The applicant will be notified if accepted by the Local Area Representative.
  • Membership in our association does not guarantee a trainee every year.

Host family membership will be reviewed each year taking into account:

  • Required attendance yearly at Provincial Annual General Meeting if placed, and once every other year regardless of placement to keep informed and understand the organization.
  • Training opportunities on the farm.
  • Membership fees received.
Mission Statement
of the Canadian Host Family Association
To encourage eligible young Canadians
to gain new work and cultural experiences within North America as well as overseas.
To create opportunities for youth
to receive training and guidance from rural Canadian Host Families is such areas as agriculture, horticulture and home economics.
To foster a greater understanding
between people of participating countries by taking young people involved in their programs into their homes.
To inform potential new Host Families
of the aims and objectives of the associations.
To inform potential new Host Families
of their responsibilities towards trainees.
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