Host families are given the opportunity to learn about different cultures and farming techniques, while receiving valuable farm help.  Canadian Host Family Association is a non-profit organization. Canadian Host Family Association is not an employment agency.  We encourage learning for both the trainee and host in agriculture, and a cross cultural understanding.  Our aim is that each trainee leaves Canada with a positive view of the farming industry, people and culture of Canada.

Hosts provide trainees with room and board,  and a wage.  Hosts must have Workers Compensation to be part of our organization.  Hosts need to be aware that there might be a language barrier, which is why we encourage that trainees arrive a month earlier than you require them.  Safety is very important for everyone.

Housing varies from a room in the family home, to a secondary house, or a trailer. If the room is in the basement,please make sure it has an passable exit window in case of a fire.  If the trainee is in a secondary house off the farm, please ensure that the trainee has sufficient contact with the family to ensure a cultural experience.  We encourage that you include the trainee in family meals weekly if not daily, especially in the busy times of seeding and harvest.  At times it is not practical for the trainee to eat with the family, as with off-site housing, however please make sure the trainee has sufficient contact with Canadian culture and encourage them to be part of your family.

Some hosts help the trainee to find a low cost, reliable vehicle to use while they are in Canada. Other hosts own a “trainee car” that they lease to trainees, but the trainee purchases the license and insurance for the vehicle to prevent potential liability issues.  It is not recommended that you let the trainee use a hosts’ vehicle, unless you have checked with your insurance provider.  If a trainee is involved in an accident you could experience liability issues.

We encourage hosts to include trainees in activities such as community events, rodeos, trade shows, auction sales and whatever events are taking place in your area.  Trainees will have have different interests and levels of maturity.